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Our Story

We're not your typical well-being consultants.


At P+ Quotient, we blend psychological and data sciences with the art of communication and engagement to deliver solutions that empower individuals to be their best selves, live full P+ lives and foster P+ teams and work cultures.


And no, P+ doesn't stand for "pizza and puppies" (although we love those too). P+ is our short form for positive, and our mission is to bring P+ back in people and workplaces and support them in flourishing through science-backed insights and tools delivered in unconventional, experiential ways.


To-date, we have supported youths aged 7 to 17, early to mid-career working professionals, and seniors in finding their best selves and live more purposeful and fuller lives via the P+ approach.

Who We Are

A mental and emotional well-being consultancy with communications, data analysis and facilitation expertise

An integrated employee engagement agency focused on supporting mental and emotional well-being

A socially-conscious enterprise championing well-being and inclusivity

How We Work

We believe that everyone has what it takes to thrive, but sometimes we just need a little help to get there.

That's where we come in!


Taking the strengths-based approach, we focus on mindfulness and other science-based tools to cultivate more PERMA (the well-being formula) - essentially, healthy emotions, positive relationships, engagement/flow, connection to meaning/purpose, and accomplishments.


Everything we introduced are backed by research to deliver positive results and we rigourously test everything, including on ourselves.


And the best part? Our workshops are anything but boring. It's all about learning through engaging activities, reflection, and interaction!

Meet Lauryn

Lauryn Tang-headshot2_edited.jpg

Lauryn Tang

Well-being Gardener


Champions mental and emotional well-being and inclusivity

Wide qualifications and skills in positive psychology, coaching, mindfulness, and resilience, in addition to business, brand communications, data analytics, DEIB (diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging), and design

20+ years corporate experience cross business ecosystem managing employee engagement, brand, corporate and marketing communications informed by behaviourial science, data analytics, and design

Whole- brainer equally comfortable with creativity, abstracts and visuals as with logic, communications and words.


Well-versed in mindfulness - meditates, Tai Chi + Qigong, pilates, swimming

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