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It's time to Return to P+

At P+ Quotient, we believe that everyone has the potential to be awesome.


Likewise, great teams and organisations are made so by great people who positively connect with each other and the organisation.


Our job is to facilitate your access to greatness by bringing P+ (our short form for positive) back in people and workplaces through a science + art combo of scientific research and engagement.

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Your Journey  to Thriving Starts Here

We bring skills and knowledge in psychological and data sciences, and the art of communication and engagement to support individuals in being their best selves and live their fullest lives, and organisations in fostering P+ teams and P+ cultures.


Signature Workshops

Our signature workshops are P+ boot camps to tackle the top well-being needs and gaps. In a supportive and safe space, you will explore some of the best, award-winning science interventions and tools to connect deeply within, grow into your best self and build stronger relationships. 


Customised Programmes

We work closely with organisations to develop customised programmes that are based on psychological research and organisational insights. Our focus is to cultivate positive and meaningful engagement through well-being to enhance individual performance and team collaboration

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P+P Coaching

We bring positive psychology-powered coaching centered on a solution-focused approach and optimising well-being. In a personal and confidential setting, you will be challenged to explore unseen options and tap on unknown personal resources as we support your journey to achieve your goals and thrive in your career and life.

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Work on your Inner World Rock the Outer World

So simple yet uncommonly practiced. Like eating healthily and exercising, prevention is better than cure.

Find out whether you are all set to reach your fullest potential. Contact us for a well-being check-up on the house because we truly care about mental and emotional well-being and you.


Ready to pump up your P+ potential and get your well-being game on point? Grab a seat at our upcoming workshops.

Let's be Thought Partners

We only have one life and time once past is forever lost.


In living our fullest life, finding a purposeful career, and having positive relationships, why figure things out on your own?


We believe that everything that you need is within you and our goal is to guide you towards unlocking them. Your success is our success and we are excited to partner with you in this significant journey towards P+ living and working.


Jumpstart your transformation journey with a strategy session.

In a 30min strategy session, uncover what you can/need to do to reach the next level. Get your burning questions answered! 

Transforming your life starts from your inner world

Everything starts from within. If we trace back our suffering, difficult relationships, and even, physical conditions, most often than not it is linked to our inner state.

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